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Posted Tuesday, March 06, 2007 by Clark Hammond


GOAL: A goal should only be recorded if the signal for such has been given by the official.

SHOT: A shot is any attempt made by a player to score a goal. A shot can have three outcomes: a goal, a save (for the opposing goalkeeper), or it can go wide (in which a ground ball might be awarded to the player who gains possession.

ASSIST: An assist is a play made by an offensive player that directly results in a goal being scored by the attacking team.

FACE-Off Win: The face off stat is used to measure the ability of a team to control the face off.

GROUND BALL: A ground ball marks a player's ability to pick up and/or control a loose ball that is playable by both his and an opponent, most often when there is a change of possession. It is designed to reward a player for an act that results in his team's controlling play.

CAUSED TURNOVER: This statistic is defensive-minded and is designed to give a player credit for disrupting play in some way that results in his team's gaining control of the ball in a change of possession. It can appear in five main forms: stick check, direct interception, blocked pass, forced out of bounds or drawn charge.

  • STICK CHECK: The stick check records the ability of a player to obtain possession of the ball for his team by means of a stick check.
  • INTERCEPTION: An interception is a play in which a team obtains a change of possession by intercepting a pass thrown by the other team.
  • DRAWN CHARGE: When a player draws a charge and is awarded the ball after the official stops the play, the player who draws the charge records a caused turnover and the player who charges records both a foul and a turnover.
  • BLOCK: A block occurs when a player gets his stick in the way of a pass and disrupts the offensive play.
  • FORCED OUT OF BOUNDS: With hard boundaries, is now more possible to cause a turnover with a boundary violation.

TURNOVER: This statistic is used to record an instance in which a player loses control of the ball to the other team or somehow causes his team to lose possession of the ball.

CLEAR: This team statistic is designed to demonstrate the ability of a team to take the ball from their defensive third to their offensive third.

SAVE: The save records each time a goalie stops a ball from going in his goal that if he did not stop, might result in a goal for the opponent.

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